Girl Friday is back in action!  Guess it didn’t take me that long to bounce back.  Sure, I was mulling over things for a week or so.  Sure, having the ability to handle hurt doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.  I still think good things always happen to me despite having to deal with the bad.  Good things are my family, my friends–people who value and think about my happiness when I sometimes forget.  I think a lot of times, people who love you are the people worth having more courage for :)

I am not fearless; I am resilient.

Plus.  Nothing you can’t fix with a new lipstick.  Here’s it.  Burberry lippy in Antique Rose, and it’s got a magnetic closure to boot.   Isn’t it swell!  This, right here, is exactly what I mean when I say that I can buy myself a new life :)