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I’ve always been a little bit of an oddball, even among my family members.   Didn’t help that I’m a leftie, didn’t help that it used to be a tremendous struggle for mum to get me to eat the same food as the rest of the family (hated vegs).  Didn’t help that both my elder sisters were relatively easy to take care of, and I had to be the one getting into trouble with

– lighters (burned my finger medium rare),

– pencils (stabbed myself at the right sideburn, the broken lead is still in there to prove it),

– crochet needles (stabbed myself in the right knee–that was truly a freak accident)

Just a few childhood misfortunes to recall.

I solemnly swear that I do not have masochistic tendencies…I think.

It also proves a point: Mums are still the best; it’s a tough job trying to keep their kids alive.  Especially so in my case, because given the amount of trouble I got myself into, I know that she had on many occasions very much wanted to do me in herself.

Thank god she didn’t, because I am sometimes convinced that my primary purpose in life is to clear the fridge for my mum.  Some time back, she bought a bagful of granny smiths, because “SALE” is a very dangerous word.  The beautiful thing about my mum is that she loves apples in general, but of all the apple varieties out there, she doesn’t fancy granny smiths.  

Sale.  Dangerous.

I know she doesn’t mind granny smiths that much if they turned up in the form of tarts.  I also suspect it was her ploy because days after I ignored the apples, she promptly hinted, “The apples and my efforts of lugging them back are going to waste.  Heavy, you know?”

But apple tarts don’t appear on their own, you know?  Good thing I had some leftover sweet tart dough in the freezer, recipe courtesy of Pierre Hermé!  I could produce pumpkin pie spice apple tarts in a snap :D   I didn’t glaze it or anything–just a simple, healthy version to ease mum’s conscience about eating anything that contains butter.  Couldn’t help sprinkling some sugar for luck, though.

So there, apple tarts for the apple of my eye!  Thanks mum, for keeping me alive, for your apples, for the ordeals and arguments.  At least I know we could both agree on apple tarts :))