That’d be tomorrow!  That’d also be the 1st time in my working life that I will be taking a full day off on my birthday.  I shall look pretty, put on a nice lipstick, and have quiet walks in my heels.  Life has been very kind to me; I have no lack of love from family and friends ♥

Random fact: I seldom make serious birthday wishes.  When people present me a cake and ask me to make a wish, I’d go through the motion of pretending to make a wish before blowing out the candle.  The truth is most of the time I have nothing of great significance to wish for and my mind would be in a complete blank.  

If birthday wishes do come true…for this year, I’d wish for Sue’s mum and Simone to be completely cured of their cancer.  MAKE THAT SOON.  No recurrences, please.  And plain good health and happiness for everyone who loves me. 

Is that a lot to wish for?  Well…I don’t really wish much, so if I’m allowed to use my previous years of “wasted wishes” to give this wish some power up, I’ll be eternally grateful.  Thank you in advance! :D