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I told my good friend Ern that I was going to sleep and sleep over the long weekend and catch up on rest…but then I got restless.  And then a random whatsapp chat with Philippe over Italian food and restaurants got me craving for pasta.  I figured I might as well make my own pasta since it’s been a while I’ve kneaded anything on the counter top.

So it was quail egg pasta!  Quail egg, because I ran out of chicken eggs and quail eggs were the only option in the fridge.  It’s not easy being a Murphy’s girl; these things happen to me like you won’t believe :D

I used 55g of eggs to 100g of flour, mixed well, covered with cling wrap, and then…I took a nap.  I always find it easier to knead a dough when I give it time to rest for a bit.  I’m no chef and it might just be a psychological thing…but then having a nap in between always seems like a good idea.

So I woke up an hour later and kneaded the dough till it’s smooth, like so.

And for 2 seconds I contemplated digging into the abyss of the storeroom for the pasta machine which I bought many years ago…

But an inner voice said to just do the damn thing by hand, “because you can”.

And I could, because self-chanting bloody works.  I also thank god for my tenacity and rolling pins.

And then if you’re going to try this at home, you might also hear some other little voices assuring that you can achieve beautiful evenly-cut pasta without the help of a ruler because you’ve got this splendid eye-hand coordination and control…

I say, those little voices tell great lies.

But it wasn’t so bad you know, for anything you’ve made that looks less-than-perfect, just call it rustic!

Also see the rustic way of drying pasta, inspired by E.

I also tend to do a good job at self-deception in the most unusual manner.  For instance, many years ago I bought Thai fish sauce in hope that my fried Pad Thai would turn out more authentically Thai.

Fresh from the pot, gifted by Sim. I can eat my birthday present.

And for this pasta, I harvested some Italian parsley as a measure to make it more Italian.  I know, like who am I trying to kid?  I’ll still do it anyway; whatever it takes to make it happen!

Then I rummaged around the house and fridge for ingredients and here’s what we’ve got..

The mise en place.

Boiled pasta in salted water, a little bit of stir-frying, added some white wine, just because.  Et voilà!

Parents liked it though they’d preferred the pasta to be cooked a lil’ longer.  Maybe I’ll try again soon.  Maybe I’ll make a bigger batch next time for ravioli?  I remember I have a ravioli maker somewhere…