Most of my friends might already know that I like dabbling in everything, and no surprise, I am also a master of none.  Not that it bothers me on a tremendous level, really.  There’s always this issue with time (or the lack of) when you attempt to pick up anything that requires skills…most of which I am not born with.  That’s why I love routines; they keep me going and they’re also promises that if I keep at them and work hard enough, I will get there, someday.

I do wish though, that I had more time so that I could sign up for drawing or painting lessons.  It’s something that I truly enjoy doing when Sundays are still and quiet.  I know how time seems to fly by when we engage in activities we love…but it’s also strange how when I’m in my own world of solitude, time seems to stand still, and that kind of happiness can mean everything to me.

Watercolour on paper and canvas.  Not good…but not terribly bad either.  Maybe I should start signing my name on all my works no matter how they might look.  After all, everything in life is a journey, no?  And these are evidences of my footprints :)