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We had art classes in our Secondary school days, that was the 1st time I had proper watercolour lessons.  We also did still-life drawings in pencils and colour pencils.  Those were my favourite subjects, apart from home economics.  Guess one could tell that I’m not exactly academically-inclined nor the brightest bulb around :p

Fast forward 17 years later, I find myself picking up the brush again–with a lot of difficulty.   I must have been too caught up with everything else in life that I didn’t remember to make art a routine.  As with everything else, you’d lose it if you don’t keep at it.  And that was what happened to me, naturally.  

I am getting it back, slowly, but some days I’d sit down at the table and I’d think, “Oh my god I CAN’T draw at all”.   And it sends me into bouts of panic because I’d think I’ve lost it all again. I wonder if it happens to other people too?  Sigh.  If anyone’s going to ask me about the most difficult part of drawing/painting…I’d tell them that in my case, it’s always that darned first stroke.  

Well, I kinda like what I see now, my trees are looking better :) And then when I compare them with the trees of the past…the past trees do look quite horrible, not to mention that the March’12 Tree was actually part of a card made for Sue *face-palm*.  

Funny how I liked those trees back then, and how I don’t really like the way they look now.  I’ll still keep them, of course.  Good reminders on how far I came…and this time, I’m not going to lose track of what I like.  Proceed, proceed, proceed.

Hello trees!  I love you, you’re one of my favourite things in the world, you know.  You look better now, let’s make you look even better next time.