I read this article last night, and it struck a chord with me.  Until this article, I never knew it was possible for someone to separate the heart from a great amount of effort & technique, and what a difference a little heart can make.  It is true that we’re our own harshest critic, but I am pretty glad now, because however imperfect (and sometimes horrible) my works look to me, I know for sure my heart is always there.

If there is always something to learn from everything, then I guess from this article and this artist,  it is a good reminder: whatever one gains in technique, one should never lose his heart in the process.

Art is very close to my heart; it means so much to me, and although it might have been an obvious thing to others, it took me a while to notice it for myself.  Or perhaps I had already realised; I just didn’t know how much at the time.  Put in a little more heart, and have faith that the technique will follow.  The heart comes first, always.