About Jess

Jess in her tiny kitchen, with her half-departed microwave oven.

Hello! My name’s Jess. Thank you for dropping by. I am a girl who believes that good things happen to those who believe, and I believe good things can be found for every bad thing that happens to us. I also believe that even when we don’t see it in the first instance, it is always a matter of time and perspective, that we always gain more than we lose. 

A little more about me:

I’m nothing if not practical. Usually. I’m also quite the romantic at heart. I am vain, I shop in bulk, and I don’t have a favourite colour. Combination of the three pushes my country’s economic growth by at least 2%. It also creates a third-world debt for myself.

I like adding alcohol in my food and coffee, I smile excessively when I’m tipsy. I tend to order Kamikaze, but they tend to do it wrongly. I don’t have a favourite alcoholic beverage–it can be a dangerous thing. I might be a Long Island Iced Tea, because I’m really a little bit of everything.

I bake with a decade-old microwave oven that refuses to die, I cook in a kitchen too small for 2 persons to walk freely at any one time. How or why food taste better in heart shapes…I am still trying to demystify.

My name is really Jessica, but you can just call me Jess. I have conflicting personalities, but you might already know that.  Have questions for me? Feel free to drop me a comment, or email me at fleetingdelights@gmail.com

Enjoy your stay!


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