Who am I trying to kid

And I thought I was being smart by crafting all those Christmas cards 2 months in advance, thinking that I should have sufficient time.  Ha!

I’m still frantically trying to tidy up the last of my cards, geez!! Those who are into hand-crafted cards should start making them NOW for next year.

Which means I should start now as well, but first I need to rest.   Then I’ll find time to post up the incredible amount of backlogs lol.

Live and (hopefully) learn.  It’s not so bad, like I’d always say.  After all, I did survive the end of the world twice in less than a month, gotta be some great stories to tell :p

Plants, Love, and Other Strategies


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I hope my plants know how much I love them…it appears that love makes me do crazy things, such as lugging home 20kg of soil–supported by a flimsy plastic bag that threatens to 1) give way anytime, and 2) amputate my fingers with its handles.  Perhaps all that weight-lifting would do me some good for my circus class.

Spent a good Wednesday evening propagating herbs, because THEY MUST NOT DIE.  And if they do forsake me…I gotta have backups).  I also did a cutting of purple basil some time ago–it was a gift to my sister from her student on Teachers’ Day.

L-R: Dill, Mint, Lemon Thyme.

I remembered Sim was coo-ing over a pot of purple basil when we went to the Garden Festival months ago.  I thought of her the first thing and wanted to propagate one for her.  The thing is…I have no idea why the purple is now turning green, and the colour combination of green and purple looks like the plant just got into a fight.  I researched online, and some people said it happens if the basil didn’t get enough sun.

Le Sigh…

Hello, but Singapore??!  I’m quite sure the lack of sun isn’t the issue and I’ve got the tan to prove it.  Well the cutting is looking healthy, but I’m not sure if I should be gifting that half-bruised-looking basil to Sim now.  It defeats the purpose if the purple basil isn’t purple, no?

I also think I went a little wild on my save-the-herbs backup plans, but as always, I’m nothing if not extreme.  I now have multiples of lemon balm, mint and thyme.  As of now, one tarragon cutting didn’t make it and I am starting to panic.  Need to do something about it quick.

Mum saw my works and was a little uncertain.

“Don’t you think it makes our corridor look a little…overboard..?”

All mine

I assured that I was going to gift away some of them, which was true anyway.  I doubt though, that she’d protest much even if they stayed.

And yes, it makes perfect sense gifting a purple basil that’s not looking it.

Mothers can be unpredictable, but one of the things I’ve learned is that if you engaged yourself in the same hobbies as she did, she’d prolly be more inclined to let you have your way with certain things.  Such as leaving a 20kg bag of soil lying in the corner of the tiny 3-room flat.  Such as placing a massive army of herb cuttings outside the flat.  Such as, I don’t know, stealthily shifting some of HER pots around the corridor to make space for YOUR own.

New pots of rosemary and thyme, conveniently placed on top of my mother’s pots. Seemed like the right thing to do.

Of course, if you live with a mother who is like my mother, and if you’re feeling brave and choose to, in one evening, perform all of the deeds listed above, make sure you employ the highest EQ possible as an added insurance to your personal safety.

“Of course I bought THAT amount of soil because I know you wanted to repot some of your plants.  They are wonderful for your roses and they won’t wither for at least another 50 years.  Or ever”.

Sharing is caring.  It works, apparently.  But don’t say anything about moving her pots.  I suspect that she’s already suspecting that I did it, and I suspect that she knows that I’m pretending I didn’t do it.  Whatever it is, remember: EQ.  If she didn’t bring it up…don’t bring it up.

Trees–Past & Present


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We had art classes in our Secondary school days, that was the 1st time I had proper watercolour lessons.  We also did still-life drawings in pencils and colour pencils.  Those were my favourite subjects, apart from home economics.  Guess one could tell that I’m not exactly academically-inclined nor the brightest bulb around :p

Fast forward 17 years later, I find myself picking up the brush again–with a lot of difficulty.   I must have been too caught up with everything else in life that I didn’t remember to make art a routine.  As with everything else, you’d lose it if you don’t keep at it.  And that was what happened to me, naturally.  

I am getting it back, slowly, but some days I’d sit down at the table and I’d think, “Oh my god I CAN’T draw at all”.   And it sends me into bouts of panic because I’d think I’ve lost it all again. I wonder if it happens to other people too?  Sigh.  If anyone’s going to ask me about the most difficult part of drawing/painting…I’d tell them that in my case, it’s always that darned first stroke.  

Well, I kinda like what I see now, my trees are looking better :) And then when I compare them with the trees of the past…the past trees do look quite horrible, not to mention that the March’12 Tree was actually part of a card made for Sue *face-palm*.  

Funny how I liked those trees back then, and how I don’t really like the way they look now.  I’ll still keep them, of course.  Good reminders on how far I came…and this time, I’m not going to lose track of what I like.  Proceed, proceed, proceed.

Hello trees!  I love you, you’re one of my favourite things in the world, you know.  You look better now, let’s make you look even better next time.

My Kind Of Happiness



Most of my friends might already know that I like dabbling in everything, and no surprise, I am also a master of none.  Not that it bothers me on a tremendous level, really.  There’s always this issue with time (or the lack of) when you attempt to pick up anything that requires skills…most of which I am not born with.  That’s why I love routines; they keep me going and they’re also promises that if I keep at them and work hard enough, I will get there, someday.

I do wish though, that I had more time so that I could sign up for drawing or painting lessons.  It’s something that I truly enjoy doing when Sundays are still and quiet.  I know how time seems to fly by when we engage in activities we love…but it’s also strange how when I’m in my own world of solitude, time seems to stand still, and that kind of happiness can mean everything to me.

Watercolour on paper and canvas.  Not good…but not terribly bad either.  Maybe I should start signing my name on all my works no matter how they might look.  After all, everything in life is a journey, no?  And these are evidences of my footprints :)